Who are we

A2Z Import Export, LLC is a Southern California-based trading house that specializes in importing and exporting a variety of products that are in high demand. We collaborate with businesses of all sizes in the US and South East Asia to deliver excellence in every field we enter. We strive to be a professional organization that serves global markets with integrity and value. We are committed to building long-term relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction by offering quality products, reliable service and competitive rates. We aim to be the trusted partner for our esteemed customers and business associates.

Our goal

We strive to achieve excellence in every field we enter. Our goal is to protect the interests of our clients by offering quality products with lasting service and competitive rates. Our company is expanding at a steady pace, diversifying our product range and services for both domestic and international markets, as well as catering to specific client needs.


Our company specializes in importing food and snack products from different South East Asian cultures and regions. We source high-quality products that range from exotic fruits and nuts harvested from farms to ready-to-eat dishes prepared with authentic flavor and genuine taste. We aim to provide local retailers with a diverse selection of goods that can satisfy the tastes and preferences of their customers.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality products and services that meet or exceed your expectations. Whether you are a new or established business, we can help you find the best solutions for your health and wellness goals. We have a large selection of supplements, vitamins, groceries, beauty products and more from trusted brands found in major US stores. 

Meet the Team 


Thanh Lan is a small business owner with 20 years of experience in retail, marketing, and management. She is an expert of storefront management and sensible marketing strategies. She has a special interest in graphic design and an eye for all things beautiful.

Early in her life, she moved from Vietnam to America. However, she noticed a disparity of products that reminded her of an authentic taste of home. With hopes to expand her reach and share the best parts of her culture, Thanh Lan has partnered with Henry Dang to create a one-stop shop for Importing and Exporting between her home country of Vietnam and her current residence in the USA. She manages all English communication and distribution on the American side, and has a reliable team of consultants to facilitate the selling of products in the US.

HENRY DANG - Vietnam Team Lead

Henry is the manager of MTP Foods Co., a Vietnamese company that belongs to the A2ZIE group. He has a background in finance and banking, as well as production, international trade, and sales and marketing. His role involves overseeing various aspects of the business, such as financial management, supply chain, product quality, customer service, pricing strategy, marketing campaigns, tax compliance, and more.